Mottram Hall

The Problem

The existing activated sludge treatment plant that had served the site for many years had become unreliable, costly to maintain and corrosion of the steel tankage and pipework, deterioration of the GRP covers together with a proposed extension of the hotel facilities made replacement the most cost effective option. The Environment Agency had become increasingly concerned about the unreliability of the system and were kept informed as the project progressed.

Work undertaken

Replacement options were considered by independent consultants WCI and a Design Supply and Installation tender was requested. The contract was awarded to Soma Services using a 960 Population Equivalent WPL treatment system comprising two Primary Settlement tanks, two Submerged Aerated Media biozones and Upward flow Concial Humus settlement incorporating flow recording and sampling facilities. The new plant was relocated from the existing treatment plant compound close to the hotel which will be used for future development.

  • The works were carried out without disruption of the operation of the Hotel or Golf facilities
  • The old works remained in operation until the new system was commissioned eliminating tankerage costs
  • The completed installation is monitored and maintained under a service contract with G&G Pump Services

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