When dealing with drainage equipment such as Sewage Treatment Plants, Pumping Stations and Grease Control Systems, maintenance is essential to ensure the highest level of operation and longevity of the equipment’s working cycle.

Soma Services has a department dedicated to servicing and repairs contactable seven days a week. We will undertake one-off jobs upon request and offer the customer an opportunity to take out a service contract with Soma Services.

A service contract with Soma guarantees peace of mind. Our fully trained and highly experienced staff will look after all aspects of maintenance and repair of any installed drainage equipment. As a service contract holder, you can call us anytime to discuss the status of your equipment and emergency call-outs that may occur receive our immediate attention.

Soma provide written reports issued after each visit so that you can keep a record of the equipment over time. These become useful when properties change ownership.

Sewage Treatment/Pumping Stations

The normal frequency is two/four visits per year but service contracts will be tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients. Contracts include the following:

  • Cleaning and testing of all mechanical components
  • Check/Adjustment of electrical operation of controls
  • Recommendation of works required to improve systems
  • Other site specific essential tasks
  • Supervision of desludging operations
  • Provision of detailed reports available to clients
  • Samples taken for lab analysis
  • Site Surveys